Sunday, October 5, 2014

What I Saw In Winnipeg

Photographs from a recent trip to Winnipeg, Canada with Vicki.  We visited with Vicki's family and friends for 15 days during which she and I did walkabouts in the vicinity of Arlington Street.  Photos are from those excursions.  Winnipeg was a surprise.  It is a cosmopolitan city with some incredibly beautiful residential areas and, of course, some to-be-expected poor areas.  The photographs here represent  a thin slice of single area in which walking was a daily experience for Vicki and me.

Viewers might want to enlarge some, or all, of these images.  If you are a photographer you will know that sometimes the smaller details are the most interesting elements.  The photograph immediately above is just such an example.

Above: walkway from Arlington Street to the river.

 Sitting area at the edge of the river.

It was a marvelous vacation.  Thank you, Mary, David, Luke, Levi, and Nick for best company and a great place to stay, and for wonderful meals.  Thanks, too, to Eric, Doris, Herman, Carol, Monty and to the tallest 14 year old I've ever seen, Olive.  And, to John for a special ride in the Smart Car.  Vicki and I are still talking about the meals shared, the geese staging, the perfection of David's reading from his new novel, Leaving Tomorrow, and Mariam's reading from her novel, All My Puny Sorrows. AND, the best: the wedding dinner with all in attendance.  A new (official) family member could not ask for more.