Monday, March 15, 2010

Flowers of Guatemala: Part I

For many years this photographer noticed that when he photographed in Guatemala, whether landscapes, portraits, or scenes from daily life, that flowers crept into the images -- often without planning or intent. The ubiquitous-ness though mostly unintentional nevertheless provided enhancement, sometimes enchantment.

A few years ago a motorcycle was purchased. Riding the two-wheeler put this photographer even more into the flower scene. Flowers in Guatemala are inescapable. The most inescapable fact is that that even the poorest of the poor will make special efforts to beautify their small place on this planet.

An observer sees the simplest, most common of flowers in the oddest of places. Some examples follow: those in odd places and those where you would expect them.

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  1. We returned from a visit to the Highlands in April. We were surpised to find that we had enough pictures of flowers to do a slide show just on flowers, even though we had not set out to do one. You can find it at
    Appreciate any feedback.
    I finished Victor's book last week. His work confirms many of my hunches about community life in Guatemala ( I first visited in 1980.) Our best to David at the Posada if you see him.