Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tecojate Beach, Guatemala

For a family visit five of us in Santiago, Atitlan, made an excursion to Tecojate and to the beach there.  A hundred kilometers from Santiago to Tecojate by van to visit a relatively desolate beach and a dying pueble (or so it seems).  The comodores were open for business.  We enjoyed seafood, beer, and sunshine.  The place was practically deserted it being March. No tourists (not a foreigner in sight) and only a few Guatemaltecos. 

A  boat ride from the public beach in Tecojate to the beach -- across a hundred yard bay -- costs Q5 for a round trip.

Comodores are basic and colorful.  Most have beach sand floors.

Our van driver preparing for the return trip to Santiago.

 At least half of the businesses have closed.  The resulting ruins add something to the ambience, though maybe not readily apparent.

This comodor was open, or so it seemed.  But the dog was a deterent, as was his companion, not shown, a rooster.

Our lunch being prepared.  A seafood dinner -- fish, shrimp, fries and a salad: Q50.

Children of the comodor staff.  Innocence can seem very compelling, poverty not withstanding.